Our delicately scented Jacarandá is named for Lisboa's iconic tree that covers the city with its electric lilac bloom for only a few precious days each spring.

Enriched with aloe vera, this hand cream’s ultra light and silky texture sinks in and moisturizes like no other, with a scent to die for!


Guaranteed 100% Portuguese! Normal skin.



Apply the cream on your hands and spread it gently. Massage your hands until the cream is totally absorbed. Can be used repeatedly whenever necessary throughout the day.

  •  99% Natural Ingredients

    •  0% paraben
    •  0% petroleum
    •  0% phenoxyethanol
    •  Cruelty-free & VEGAN
    •  Dermatologically tested



- Argan oil for its anti-aging properties.

It is also an excellent protector against external aggressions such as sun, wind, cold…
- Shea Butter protects, nourishes, hydrates and softens skin.
- Inca Peanut (Pluketenia Volubilis Seed Oil) revitalizes and rejuvenates skin due to its anti-free radical’s properties. It also hydrates skin by helping to reduce the amount of water lost.
- Aloe Vera for its hydrating and smoothing properties.


Emballagen er så fin og retro og så dufter den så skønt.
50 ml


BENAMÔR Håndcreme Jacaranda